[Solved] How To Develop a Reading Habit

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[Solved] How To Develop a Reading Habit


Are you also lazy like me? Who doesn’t like to read even a single page of a book? Then, you are on a perfect site. You must be wondering about how you can develop a reading habit. Well done, you have made the right choice by reading my blog post. In this article, I will guide you step by step on How to develop a reading Habit. Some of the points that I am going to write in this article include; How to develop reading habit. Reading is a good habit. Best books to start reading habit. Newspaper reading as a habit. These are the points which, I will further elaborate in this article.

How To Develop a Reading Habit

Reading Is a Good Habit

Reading is the best way to acquire knowledge and grow our intelligence. But to make it as a habit, we must strive on and put our mind into it. It is said that it usually takes 22 or 66 days to develop a new habit if we keep on doing what we want to make it as a habit. Reading is a good habit because it helps us make our life meaningful in some ways.

There are many ways and methods to develop a reading habit. But the best methods we can apply will be written step by step. Before, applying all the required steps, we need to follow certain rules and regulations so that, it helps us to cultivate a discipline reading habit throughout our life. 

The steps and methods on How To Develop a Reading Habit are as follows:

  • Make a List of Your Interesting Books
  • Determine your reading Goal
  • Read a summary of a book
  • Keep the books at your reach
  • Read at least 2-5 pages a day
  • Visit a library or search your books on google
  • Set a goal to boost your reading habit
  • Best books to start reading habit
  • Newspaper reading as a habit

Make a List of Your Interesting Books

Making a list of your interesting books will compel you to open the book pages, and you will eventually like to read some paragraphs. In this way, it will enhance your reading capability and feel like reading more. This is one of the most powerful methods to allure yourself to read more books in the long run.

Determine your reading Goal

After the successful collection of your interesting books, we come to the point that we want to determine our reading goal. It is vital to determine this goal. Just think that, how wonderful would it be if we set our goal on achieving something. In the same way, we can set our goal on reading at least a book in a month. It is always better to determine what we want to achieve and explore further.

Read the summary of a book

You may not have a lot of time to go through a whole book and read it thoroughly. But there is a hack to it. You are maybe wondering what that hack is. This hack may be very beneficial and time saving for you if you really want to read a whole book or not.

Reading the summary of a book from the internet is the best way to save your time and, knowing what kind of information and knowledge it can impart to you. If you find a book to be fascinating then you can read the whole book, otherwise, leave that book and go on with another one. So, consider reading the summary of a book from here onwards to save your times and resources. This is the simple and powerful hacking trick you can apply.

How To Develop a Reading Habit

Keep the books at your reach

Keeping the books at your reach will make your reading habit easy. It is good to keep your chosen books within your reach so that you don’t have to search for them whenever you want them. It will ease and save your time. Whenever you feel like reading, just open it and read it. But if you don’t keep your books nearby then, you know that you won’t bother to search it or fetch it. This is just a simple reason to keep the books near your reach.

Read at least 2-5 pages a day

I know this sound very stupid for beginners but believe me, it will really improve your reading habit as you develop this gradually. Cultivation of reading habit is the best way to keep our mind free from vile thoughts and develop our mind. It is vital to read at least 2-pages a day if we want to cultivate a reading habit. If we apply these methods, we will definitely develop a good reading habit and grow us into being a good human being.

Visit a library or search your books on google

We all know that the libraries are the best for getting our required books. But, this is the era of internet & technologies. So, we must take the utmost advantages from the internet. If you have enough time, then consider visiting a library. It will make you more social person and have good relationships with the other voracious reader. This will help you to increase your knowledge and gather good information on various genre of books. 

You can also make friends with another reader as well and exchange information & books suggestions. As I said earlier, the internet is the best source to download and search the books of your choice. Just type the names of your favourite books then you will get their summary and prices instantly. This is my favourite methods to get the books of my choice and, believe me; you won’t regret trying this method.

Set a goal to boost your reading habit

Now, you may have some familiarity with the books and want to read more & more and become a voracious reader. It is always good to set a goal for any work we want to accomplish within a day, month or a year. In the same way, you should set a goal to boost your reading habit. It may be not easy in the beginning, but after some practice, it will be easy and very effective. I will write down some of the best methods and ideas to boost your reading habit. 

  • Collect your favourite books
  • Set a specific time to finish your book
  • Read more than what you read yesterday
  • Compete yourself
  • Take a pencil or marker to mark out some of the point or ideas you may find in a book
  • Discuss the ideas with your friends or colleagues
  • Count the number of books you have read so far
  • Be happy about your own progress and improvements
  • Try to do better than last time
  • Learn as if you will never die

These steps will definitely boost your reading habit. If you find them difficult then, apply these ideas gradually but never give up.

Best books to start reading habit

There are plenty of books in the library and on the internet. You have to figure out which genres of books you like to read. We all have our own interests and passions. It is always better to start reading a book of your choice. There are some cases that you might begin to read a  book that someone force you to read. This may help or may not help in the long run. 

We all start something with euphoria, but after some time we won’t continue with the same euphoria and finally put a full stop it. This kind of attitude is not good for us. If we start something, then we must finish or accomplish it. So, think, analyze and apply it in your practice. This will help us to keep going on for a long time and ultimately develop into a reading habit.

How To Develop a Reading Habit

Newspaper reading as a habit

Newspaper reading is one of the sources for acquiring new information. It also helps us in knowing new words & vocabularies, which results in an increase in our knowledge. If you don’t know what is an article and how to write an article. Then, the newspaper is the best example of writing an article. 

You should inculcate newspaper reading as a habit. Try to get the newspaper every day and read the articles of your interest. If you go on reading the newspaper every day, then it becomes a habit. In this way, it will help you to achieve your goal very quickly. 

Now, I have written down all the required steps points by points. Now it is your golden opportunities to read and apply all these formulas into practice. I promise you, if you follow and put into practice all the required steps, then nobody can stop you from being a voracious book reader with good understanding. This what we can call a good reading habit which helps us in personal development. 


In this article, you will learn How To Develop a Reading Habit and know about the ways and methods to cultivate a good reading habit, which will grow you into being a voracious reader. Many great and learned people didn’t have this habit but developed later. You can also cultivate this habit without any doubts. If you follow these steps, then you will be a learned and educated person. If we apply the good advice and lesson that we learn from the elders and books, then will be a good human being.

If you have any good suggestions. Then feel free to comments. If you like my article, there is a sharing button. I was hoping you could share with your friends who is also lazy like you and me. Sorry, no offends.

Thank you so much for reading my article!




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